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Dave Slotter, W3DJS

On Thu, Jun 18, 2020 at 08:41 AM, Trigger X wrote:
I downloaded the image for the new release of W3DJS OS and software package. I need a bit of handholding to get the files off the W10 machine and into/onto an micro SD card and install it on my RPi 4. I am very keen to get started using this software. It may have been covered elsewhere in a post to the group but I cannot find it. I am reasonably computer leterate but I don't want to mess up and create more frustration. Thanks very much in advance. It would also be good to know if it can support the RTL-SDR dongle. I want to create an online SDR as part of a project for my final year at college. The idea is to build a webpage and somehow embed it in that or have a link available. I am a mature student so perhaps the sucessful installation might inspire some of my class to get into Ham Radio. 73, Tryg de EI7CLB

Yes, the image supports the RTL-SDR dongle, as well as numerous other Software Defined Radios.

Also, from the text file included with the downloads: HOW_TO_FLASH_IMAGE.TXT:

No matter if you are a Windows, Mac os Linux user, go to and
download and install Balena Etcher. This is the easiest program I can suggest to use.

1. Start Balena Etcher.

2. Click on Select Image and select the downloaded HamPi_v1.0.img.xz file.
   (If you got HamPi in a tar file, you'll need to extract the files from the tar archive first.)

3. Click on Select Drive and select your 16GB or larger (micro)SD card.

4. Click on Flash!

After several minutes, the flashing process will finish, and you can eject the (micro)SD card 

and insert it into your Raspberry Pi and power it up. 

- Dave

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