Re: A bit of help needed

Trigger X

Thanks to everyone that gave me the help I needed. I was up last night just staring at the screen in wonder. I thought that these moments were supposed too end in ones' teens. Anyway, there is a follow up question (well, two). Firstly, my RTL-SDR dongle will not tune below 24MHz. I don't know what settings that I have to adjust but I have RX'd before sub 24MHz on my SDR Touch app on the Android phone, the dongle is a proper one from, I also cannot get it to connect to my wifi, is that not supported? It isn't a dealbreaker, far from it, I think that this distro/release/don't know what to call it, is great. I have to do some work for college and I am getting to the point where I'm thinking of selling my other computers and getting some other radio gear. Thanks again to all though, this is brilliant. Is there a way to send W3DJS a small donation for this excellent work, I owe the man a pint at least!

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