Re: HamPi Problem: SDRPlay not working with GQRX

John G8BPQ

Even better would be to issue a script that installs the ham software onto a standard Raspbian image. People could then download a few kilobytes instead of many gigabytes.

And if the script included a way to update the programs they wouldn't get out of date almost as soon as they are installed.

John G8BPQ

On 20/06/2020 20:05, Lawrence Macionski via wrote:
Sorry to see they may be a bug or a glitch. My question is, or rather my comment. It took me a while to download HAMpi1.0 image. A little over 5 hours. In rural Kansas. When the torrent 1st started it said ETA was 1 week.

Perhaps issue a patch to write to an SD card that was created with V1.0 that would make V1.0 into V1.1.

But for those that have never downloaded the V1.0... then update the repositories with V1.1  Then after a period of time delete V1.0 and the patch as we roll forward.

Reason I recommend this is procedure is that many end users  are rural, or 3rd world and have less than stellar internet connections.

Thank you for all your efforts - I still have not plunked down $$$ for RPI4.. so I'm happy with you're first attempt on the air and flying on a RPI3+.

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