Re: HamPi 1.0 Released!

Marty Hartwell

Hi Dave

I believe your HamPi offer has a whole lot more software built into it than does the

Build-a-pi offered by Jason KM4ACK.

However I believe you are mistaken on the Fldigi suite offered by Jason and that it is

building the software directly from current up to date source code on the pi.

I took the time to observe the install while it was ongoing and saw it perform.

Not a great big deal but at the time it is used build a pi is current, but at the rate of

up dates to that software suite it is a short period of time between being up to date and

needing to be recompiled to keep up with it. I usually don't keep up with the alpha builds

as I am not a tester, and unless it is some feature I am using I am content to stay behind

the times.

I do plan on getting your new HamPi 1.0 offer as I have an SDR receiver I hope to get working

and am interested in some of your other included software.

Looking forward to getting in on the download.

Marty kd8bj

On 6/19/20 8:45 AM, Dave Slotter, W3DJS wrote:
On Fri, Jun 19, 2020 at 09:16 AM, Troy - K4JDA wrote:
KM4ACK’s Build-A-Pi

Without providing any opinions, which would probably be self-serving, here are some facts I discovered after I quickly reviewed Build-A-Pi.

Both KM4ACK Build-A-Pi and W3DJS HamPi have their build sources on GitHub. Therefore, the construction of both can be publicly reviewed.

Build-A-Pi uses a series of shell scripts to install ham radio software. When software is compiled, there is little error-checking that I can see.
HamPi uses a series of Ansible Playbooks to install ham radio software. There is error-checking at every single step.

Build-A-Pi installs the FLDigi suite from the Debian packages, and those are out of date.
HamPi installs the FLDigi suite from the most current release sources.

Build-A-Pi installs a fraction of the number of ham radio applications that HamPi does.

HamPi installs a comprehensive set of drivers for Software Defined Radios (SDR). I could not locate any SDR drivers in Build-A-Pi.

- Dave

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