A bit of help needed

Trigger X

Hi All,

I downloaded the image for the new release of W3DJS OS and software package. I need a bit of handholding to get the files off the W10 machine and into/onto an micro SD card and install it on my RPi 4. I am very keen to get started using this software. It may have been covered elsewhere in a post to the group but I cannot find it. I am reasonably computer leterate but I don't want to mess up and create more frustration. Thanks very much in advance. It would also be good to know if it can support the RTL-SDR dongle. I want to create an online SDR as part of a project for my final year at college. The idea is to build a webpage and somehow embed it in that or have a link available. I am a mature student so perhaps the sucessful installation might inspire some of my class to get into Ham Radio. 73, Tryg de EI7CLB

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