Re: HamPi 1.0 Release Imminent

Jeff Palmer

@Dave Slotter That is excellent news!

Might I suggest though, that you ask a couple of your volunteers to go
ahead and download your bittorent, and let them help seed also?

The reason I suggest this: Based on the popularity last time, I'm
guessing your fiber gigabit will be overwhelmed pretty quickly. And
then everyone is "stuck" downloading insanely slowly until your client
eventually hands out all of the parts.

If you have (for example) 10 or 20 seeders at the start who have the
full torrent downloaded and seeding before you make the torrent
public, the initial wave of people downloading will go
(theoretically) 20x faster. And then based on how torrent works,
each *new* person who has a copy, also becomes a seeder, so over time
the "strain" on the initial seeders is reduced as the available pool
of people sharing it gets larger.

This is exactly the process that large communities like linux distros
and BSD distros use.. they seed the initial torrent to a bunch of
trusted seed hosts, then they make the announcement so that the
initial wave is shared, and no 1 connection is sharing the brunt of
the attack.

With that said, I don't actually have a use for the image currently
(I'm without HF capabilities at the moment) But I'd be happy to be one
of the initial seeders if you would like. I can setup the torrent on
a couple of well-connected hosts.

On Wed, Jun 17, 2020 at 5:20 PM Dave Slotter, W3DJS <@slotter> wrote:

Hi Jeff,

I plan to seed the very first BitTorrent on my Gigabit Fiber, so that should ease things considerably.

Unlike the 17GB monstrosity I had the first time around, the image is now 1/6 the size thanks to XZ compression and clean-up after package installation that my Ansible scripts perform. The new image weighs in at just over 3GB.

In addition, I expect to have 2.5X the number of direct download sites I had last time:

2 Google Drive accounts (mine and a fellow ham's)
2 Hosting provider links (two fellow hams)
1 Posted image to GitHub under the project -- if GitHub will accept a 3GB image file.

If anyone else wants to volunteer to host, please get in touch with me offline, and we'll get you set up.

Still not perfect, but things should be a fair-bit easier this time around for folks.

- Dave
Jeff Palmer
Palmer IT Consulting, LLC.

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