Re: HamPi 1.0 Release Imminent

David Ranch

Hey Dave,

One thing that you should ask to your user base is to have them use Bittorrent to download the image.  In addition to that, ask your users that once downloaded, DON'T exit their BitTorrent client.  Instead, ask the user to leave their bittorrent client running for day two weeks as a form of appreciation for all the work you've done on your image.  If that happens, downloads for other users should remain very fast .


On 06/17/2020 02:20 PM, Dave Slotter, W3DJS wrote:
Hi Jeff,
I plan to seed the very first BitTorrent on my Gigabit Fiber, so that should ease things considerably.
Unlike the 17GB monstrosity I had the first time around, the image is now 1/6 the size thanks to XZ compression and clean-up after package installation that my Ansible scripts perform. The new image weighs in at just over 3GB.
In addition, I expect to have 2.5X the number of direct download sites I had last time:
2 Google Drive accounts (mine and a fellow ham's)
2 Hosting provider links (two fellow hams)
1 Posted image to GitHub under the project -- if GitHub will accept a 3GB image file.

If anyone else wants to volunteer to host, please get in touch with me offline, and we'll get you set up.

Still not perfect, but things should be a fair-bit easier this time around for folks.
- Dave

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