Re: HamPi 1.0 Release Imminent

Jeff Palmer

@Dave Slotter

Are you planning on pre-seeding it to a handful of people over
torrent, so we don't have the same issue as last time where we had to
keep changing hosts to download it from due to bandwidth limitations?

I'd bet a handful of volunteers from your early beta group would be
willing to host the torrent so that when you release it on friday, you
have a dozen or more people helping distribute (and then by the nature
of torrents.. more would soon continue hosting when they have the

On Tue, Jun 16, 2020 at 10:42 PM Dave Slotter, W3DJS <@slotter> wrote:


God willing, I will post the link on this group on Friday after the image is available.

- Dave
Jeff Palmer
Palmer IT Consulting, LLC.

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