Re: Yaesu 857D + SignaLink + Raspberry Pi / Direwolf ---> SignaLink keys but 857D does not

David Ranch

Hello Grant,

Now I’m completely lost - if I don’t have a cat cable going from Pi to Radio, then how is FlRig going to run?  Don’t you need FlRig to run Direwolf and packet?

Direwolf does not need Flrig to run at all and especially since you're using a Signalink which takes care of the PTT signal within itself.  Putting that another way, if the SIgnalink sound chip is told to play audio and if it's loud enough, it will assert PTT automatically.  In theory, it makes things much simpler.   Btw, even Fldigi doesn't need Flrig to run as it has many self-contained ways to control radios, etc.  Flrig just exposes a lot more of the deeper controls of your radio to your computer.

I unplugged the cable as suggested - now FLRIG doesn’t know what comms path to take to the radio.  There are no readily-identifiable ports, so I tried every tty and ama/amo.  No joy.

For Direwolf and packet radio.. ignore Flrig.  Not needed.   Once you get Direwolf working with your Signalink and NO CAT connection, we can then consider looking at CAT controls which could give you other controls like frequency control, setting power levels, etc. but those are all OPTIONAL.

Make sense?


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