Re: PiTNC9k6 and BTECH UV25X4 mobile

John G8BPQ

Unless you have changed the config the TNC will respond to i2c management requests (ie i2c_getparams) but data will only be accessible over the serial port, not i2c.

If you connect the USB port to a computer (either Windows or Linux) and run a terminal program on the USB serial port (I use putty) you should see monitoring and debugging information. In particular you will see a message every time it received a packet. If you see that, but don't see anything on the serial port (normally /dev/serial0, 19200) then there is something wrong with the serial port itself or the jumper settings, although if you can transmit that is less likely. Try with just a terminal program - the packets will look a bit odd, but will at least confirm data is getting through. If you see packets on a terminal but not in your application then there is something wrong with the application config.

On the monitor you should be seeing something like

Input peaks = -22904, 22486
DCD: on
RX Packet Len = 17 Good CRC
DCD: off
DCD: on
RX Packet Len = 17 Good CRC
DCD: off
Input peaks = -30835, 32004

Input levels should be at least +-20000 and below +-32767. If not you need to investigate the RX level setting and radio connection.

John G8BPQ

On 17/06/2020 06:38, N5XMT wrote:
I'm about  to toss it all in the trash.  
Xmit perfect.  Everyone hears me, I see myself coming thru APRSDroid on my phone when I send my position from Xastir.  I can hear very cleanly the local digi after my TX terminates.  when I hear it, the DCD LED comes on like its receiving the data properly, but nothing at all comes back thru into Xastir, not even an ACK.
Volume on the BTECH UV25X4 is about 70%.  RX level on the PITNC9k6 is set to 200, after several receives it sets anywhere between 72 and 127 in the rx(Actual) param.  Using a NEW cable from the radio headset (4 conn 3.5mm, spk, mic, PTT and gnd.  
I have used the V11 firmware for the Teensy3.6, the V11 firmware, I have used Kissattach and set it to AX25 TNC, used i2ckiss and symlinked it, and used KISS TNC over serial direct to /dev/serial0.  There has to be something I am doing wrong or missing somewhere.
My Current Params:

pi@hampi:~/pitnc ./pitnc_getparams 1 30.1
pitnc_getparams Version
   TNC Software Version           6
01 TXDelay - Zero means use ADC  40
02 Persistance                   63
03 Slottime (in 10 mS)           20
04 TXTail                        30
05 Full Duplex - Not used         0
06 Our Channel (Hex)             00
07 I2C Address (0 = async) Hex   00
08 Mode Speed                  1200
09 RX Level (Config)            200
10 TX Level                     255
11 RX Level (Actual)             72
13 Centre Freq                 1700
8 6 28 3f 14 1e 0 0 0 c c8 ff 48 aa ca c0 sum 0

Any and all help appreciated

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