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I have one of the original Pi TNC's that I run over serial, so I know the setup on the Pi is good for the port.  The Pi9K6 just doesn't want to run at all over serial.  Johns original 9K6 board routed serial to pins 0 and 1 of the teensy, serial1.  The new boards route it to pins 7&8, Serial3.
I just can't get any comms.  I did get an original Pitnc9k6 board, so I mar just build it and move the teensy over since the schematic for it looks like it should work with serial without issues.

On Sun, Jun 14, 2020 at 8:33 PM Mark Griffith via <> wrote:
I have four TNC-Pi9k6 boards, two from Coastal Chipworks (now defunct) and two I made from the original John Wiseman prototype boards. All of them work perfectly through /dev/serial0. It depends upon your Raspberry Pi settings and the TNC-Pi9k6 settings.  I have not tried one from Mat yet but I believe they are a little different. 

I would look at the docs on setting up the Pi console serial port. It needs to be enabled but no console running. 


On Sun, Jun 14, 2020 at 8:11 PM, N5XMT
<dacooley@...> wrote:
So everything works great via I2C.  Radio is hooked up, tones all sound good, other stations can see me.  When receiving, I see the ADC auto adjusts, and drops from 200 to an actual of 127.  Amber rx light comes on, but I get nothing back in to xastir.
I have tried a few Packet terminals I have found, but they all want actual d\serial or ax.25 ports to talk and will not recognize the symlink created using the i2ckiss program.  I have looked at the schematic, and it appears the original pitnc9k6 used RX1 and TX1 on the teensy (Serial 1) at pins 0 and 1.  
Tracing from the Pi serial pins (8 & 10 on the 40 pin header) they run thru the 2 jumpers to pins 7&8 on the Teensy (RX3 and TX3).
In TeensyConfigPacket.h, it is configured as serial1.  I changed that to serial3, and still no comm to the teensy via serial.  
Has anyone actually been able to use the PiTNC9k6 with serial/AX.25 at all, and if so, how?  I have gone thru my pi settings, even hooked up an FTDI cable and re-configured the serial port as a console port to verify it is working as it should.  
And the 2 jumper blocks are on the 2 end pins of each 3 pin header closest to the end of the board (Rpi GPIO Pin 1 end) and both have continuity from the pi to the teensy.

On Sat, Jun 13, 2020 at 3:39 PM Mat Murdock <mat.murdock@...> wrote:
I am testing version 11 to make sure everything is working before I start loading it on new TNC's.  I have noted that the default values are not being set on the Teensy when I first flash it.  This is what I get on the console.

   TNC Software Version          11
01 TXDelay - Zero means use ADC 255
02 Persistance                  255
03 Slottime (in 10 mS)          255
04 TXTail                       255
05 Full Duplex - Not used       255
06 Our Channel (Hex)             ff
07 I2C Address (0 = async) Hex   ff
08 Mode Speed                  25500
09 RX Level (Config)            255
10 TX Level                     255
11 RX Level (Actual)              0
13 Centre Freq                 2550
8 b ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff 0 ff fc c0 sum 0

Any thoughts on why this may not be working?  What file is the SetDefaultKISSParams function at?


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