Totally Hosed TNCPI-9k6


A year ago I had my  Coastal Chipworks tncpi-96k running fine.  I think I may have converted it to ARDOP but I can't remember for sure.  I have been trying to reload the packet software onto the Teensy 3.6.  I followed the directions on the Coastal Chipworks instructions for compiling and reinstalling the firmware.  I downloaded the new software from G8BPQ site.  I installed the software and when I ran ./pitnc_getparams /dev/serial0 0 I kept getting checksum errors.  I then installed the HEX file from Mat's site and got the same checksum.  The last time I tried the update, I now get a constant ...retrying.  All of the lights flash like they are supposed to when I power up the pi and then the first light stays green.  

Any idea how to start over and get this thing going again?  I am usually pretty good and figuring this stuff out but this one has me stumped.  
Bob AF9W

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