Re: Yaesu 857D + SignaLink + Raspberry Pi / Direwolf ---> SignaLink keys but 857D does not

Grant Greenwell <grant.d.greenwell@...>


Would it be an issue with the SignaLink even if FLRIG, FLDIGI, ARDOP can all get the radio to transmit, or do you think it’s something in my Direwolf configuration?  I swapped the jumper module, the SignaLink, and the cables with known-good and I still have the symptoms.

I tried the radio in packet, FM, and digital - the same problem exists on each mode.

Any thoughts on how to get the SignaLink to not do CAT?  (I thought CAT was being done through FLRIG)

Very respectfully,


On Jun 14, 2020, at 12:50 PM, David Ranch <rpi4hamradio-groupsio@...> wrote:

Hello Grant,

I am able to get FLRig to PTT even in packet mode.
Direwolf starts up, RIGCTL turns green, KISSATCH turns green, and Pat opens up.
When I try to initiate an AX.25 communication, SignaLink PTT will turn red, but does not key the radio.

That's a new one.  If the Signalink's PTT LED lights up, your radio should key up too.  This is an issue with your Signalink, it's jumper configuration, or your cabling.  It's very strange it works for other applications though.

You mentioned a FT857.  What mode is the radio in?  Try PKT or DIG mode and try again.

And Pat opens up and gives the radio frequency for my-rig, and the AX.25 can key SignaLink... there's just something going on with PTT maybe?  (Do I have that right?  SignaLink provides the audio/tones but something else controls the PTT?)

Ok.. this doesn't make sense.  The Signalink only does audio and fakes out PTT.  If you're getting automatic frequency updates from the radio back to Pat, this means you have another connection to your radio doing CAT control.  This is ok but you need to be cleat that the Signalink should do the PTT.  Configure all your programs NOT to use CAT for PTT control.


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