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Don Poaps

I have my new P4 8GB coming today or tomorrow. The info show on the website says, Stretch. Will I have any issues getting this setup? 
 I got the Bluetooth TNC3 down with pointers and info from KM4ACK. So I know there's commands to turn on the TNC like Kissattach etc.

I like to get this running so our radio club can forward Winlink Messages to a Winlink Gateway if we lose the Internet. I know John GB8BPQ BPQ software will work. I still have the bpq.config file I can attempt. It's the TNC-X PI and it's setting is kind of confusing. The LED light is cool. 

Once I set the tnc up. Is this created with the unzipping of parameter file>


Matt mention line 210. 


  pinMode (SW1, INPUT_PULLUP);
  pinMode (SW2, INPUT_PULLUP);
//  pinMode (SW3, INPUT_PULLUP);
//  pinMode (SW4, INPUT_PULLUP);


Add this right before it.

//Turn on LED2 for to show TNC is on. ~K2MJM
SetLED(LED2, 1);


Don Poaps
New Westminster, BC

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On Wed, Jun 10, 2020 at 8:23 AM Mark Griffith via <> wrote:
You can still access the TNC-PI9K6 docs at Coastal Chipworks. They will be more complete. 


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