8Gb RPI4 info...

Lawrence Macionski

Got an email from NEWARK -USA (https://www.newark.com) this morning.
#1 the new 8Gb RPI 4 is $75
#2 shipping 2 lb. or less is flat $7.95
#3. 4,614 more will be available on 7/16/20
#4..They are not optioning a 1Gb RPI4 any more. (Adafruit has them)
#5. A 2Gb RPI4 is $35 (price drop) 4GB RPI4 $55

As a side note, I was at Micro Center (KC) while out of town Saturday and they had new in box widescreen HDMI monitors for $69. I also picked up a few RPI3B's for $29 for ham radio work and a PI ZERO W for $10. The 400 mile R/T was worth it as I had other business nearby.

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