Re: Can't update and can't remove WSJTx

Marty Hartwell

Hi Thomas

I think, means not sure, that if you compile, and install on your system, then it is installed in

/usr/local/bin. If you have it installed from the repository then it is installed in /usr/bin. So

I also think there is an option to the install during compile command "sudo make install" to do

the uninstall, like "sudo make uninstall".  That kinda means to me that at sometime early on

you or someone compiled this earlier version of wsjtx. Then later it was put into the repository

and was installed to your system from apt-get or synaptic manager.

Again remember this something that I "think" may have happened.

Marty kd8bj

On 6/6/20 9:46 PM, Thomas Tumino wrote:
Thanks for the advice Chuck, unfortunately I have tried that before, just tried it again with 2.2.1 and it does not work for me. It appears to work but there is no change, but tonight I did figure out the problem.

For unknown reasons my image had wsjtx installed in the directory /usr/local/bin

Apparently sudo dpkg and all the other common methods of installing wsjtx and removing wsjtx including the GUI add/remove programs go under the assumption the previous installation was in /usr/bin 
Apparently they never actually check the system to see where the program is actually  installed.

If wsjtx is running from any other directory, for example in my case /usr/local/bin , then the add/remove programs GUI, the sudo dpkg, the sudo apt remove or purge---none of them will touch /usr/local/bin and you will be confused and frustrated.

The solution for me was to install the latest wsjtx by any of the "normal" means, then I changed the GUI shortcuts to point to the new wsjtx file in /usr/bin

Still don't know how to actually remove the old wsjtx from the PI.  Its still in there.  I imagine there must be a way to have the remove or purge commands go after things in a different directory then their standard directory...

73 & thanks to all,
Tom, N2YTF

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