Re: Noisy Pi4 - particularly on 2m

Chuck M

I've done that as well.  On pi3 tweaked the voltage until lightning icon stayed home.

Thingiverse has various case designs for them depending on model.  Also designs to make inline fuse holder.

Can also get something like this:


On Tue, Jun 2, 2020 at 7:34 PM, nb7o
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Another solution, that I use here, is to buy a dc-dc voltage converter.  I have a 12v to 5v dc-dc converter with a usb connector on the 5v side.  I have Anderson power poles on the 12v side and I plug it into my 50a 12v power supply.  The DC-DC converter I have provides 3a of power to the PI which also helps with low voltage conditions on the pi.


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