Re: Noisy Pi4 - particularly on 2m

Brian Webster

I have heard that the HDMI on a Pi can cause a lot of noise. Try running headless if you can and see if the noise problem goes away.


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A simple, possible, fix is to wrap any cables around a ferrite toroid (one per cable) as close to the Pi as you can.  Also wrap the power cord around one as close as possible to the wall wart.  That is two ferrites , one at each end.You may not need to shield it if you can prevent the cabling from being antennas. 

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On Jun 2, 2020, at 10:59 AM, Steve <steve@...> wrote:

Setting up for this evenings 2m UKAC I noticed the noise floor was around S8. The obvious suspect being the recentle added Pi. It was!
Not helped by the fact I have it in a perspex case. It's also very close to the rig
The plan is to put it in a metal case and do the same with the power supply - although I might also change that for a
Which are made to a slightly higher standard than the wall worts (or is it wart?) that are everywhere.
Thoughts on the above - please - alternative suggestions.


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