Re: CAT Control Options

Chuck M

No probs.  Happy to help.
If anyone else needs something like this, email me privately and I can send you a couple.

There's another version in same thingiverse file that blocks data and only allows power to go through.

This link shows how to link one of the new smart outlets to being controlled by your RPi.  He's using Octopi, which for non 3D folks, is a server program for running 3D printers.  He's using it to power off the printer when not in use to reduce fire hazard.  

I don't have the programming skills to write code for something like this that could be used to shut off power to your ham shack's equipment.  Be a nice bit of code to have.  Any volunteers to give it a try?


On Tuesday, May 26, 2020, 03:47:37 AM EDT, Daniel Norris <norris.daniel@...> wrote:

Thanks, Chuck.  That's a remarkably simple solution.  I'll give it a try!  Yep, I do have a 3d printer.  

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