Re: CAT Control Options

Chuck M

Not sure about your specific item.  

Needed to block 5V power from RPi to Arduino control board of 3D printer.  Printed thin piece that inserts into USB-A male end.  Works okay.

Do you have a friend or local library that has a 3D printer?  Takes less than 10 minutes to print.  Very thin, easy to lose.

YMMV and all that.


On Mon, May 25, 2020 at 11:23 PM, Daniel Norris
<norris.daniel@...> wrote:
Can anyone check if one of these valley-ent cat cables will supply 5v to the pi over the usb connector? 

I have an official cat -> serial adapter for my ft-857d and ran into an issue trying to set it up with a pi that it will power on the pi over the usb to serial adapter connection, even if I disconnect the usb power cable from the pi...  I'm sure this is bad - going to burn up some voltage regulator in the adapter and making it hard for me to switch off the pi when I need to power cycle it.  

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