Re: 3d printed case advice? #flrig

Randon Loeb

I like this idea of combining the various peripherals with the pi under one large fan. I was thinking too it isn't really necessary to go the "usual" route of cooling the pi off a 5v fan, may as well just tap the 12v and go with a more powerful fan.

On Tue, May 12, 2020 at 5:06 PM Chuck M via <> wrote:
Like these meters for power monitoring from eBay.  Mine are 20 amps, no shunt.  The 50 and 100 amp models are basically same but have external shunt.  Couple of different case styles printed for them.  Second photo have used Command strips to hold  meter in place.

Inexpensive 12 VDC fans from hamfest, think paid around $1 each.  Printed legs.  Do good job keeping radio and RPi, if needed, running cool.


On Tue, May 12, 2020 at 4:48 PM, Box1600
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I've printed a couple of different Raspberry Pi cases one that I've found on or

One has a mounting for a fan (15mm if I recall).

The other is bigger and has a cut out/bezel for a 3.5 TFT color display.

Maybe some mounting holes or brackets ?

Maybe space within the enclosure for the USB sound dongle and a short USB cable ?

73 - Bill KA8VIT

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Are there particular gotchas in cases for ham-related pis? I don't plan on any hats, idea will be just flrig 
to control ft-891 and audio via usb sound dongle, maybe usb gps for time. 

Other than the usual ventilation for these hot-running pis, anything else I'll wish I had planned for? Only 
other thing I can think of is maybe to have the case hold the buck converter for the 12v->5v.

I will 3d print it myself, have done so for a handful of 3b+s for various uses, though could buy if price is not ridiculous.

Randy KN4YRM

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