Re: 3d printed case advice? #flrig


I've printed a couple of different Raspberry Pi cases one that I've found on or

One has a mounting for a fan (15mm if I recall).

The other is bigger and has a cut out/bezel for a 3.5 TFT color display.

Maybe some mounting holes or brackets ?

Maybe space within the enclosure for the USB sound dongle and a short USB cable ?

73 - Bill KA8VIT

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Subject: [RaspberryPi-4-HamRadio] 3d printed case advice? #flrig
Are there particular gotchas in cases for ham-related pis? I don't plan on any hats, idea will be just flrig 
to control ft-891 and audio via usb sound dongle, maybe usb gps for time. 

Other than the usual ventilation for these hot-running pis, anything else I'll wish I had planned for? Only 
other thing I can think of is maybe to have the case hold the buck converter for the 12v->5v.

I will 3d print it myself, have done so for a handful of 3b+s for various uses, though could buy if price is not ridiculous.

Randy KN4YRM

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