Re: 3d printed case advice? #flrig

Chuck M

Bought the aluminum case for my 4B / 4G Pi.  Case does get warm.  Have couple of small 12vdc fans blowing on radio and pi case.  The cs108 runs hot when using digital modes even at roughly half power.  Printed support legs for fans, mounted on floor samples from home Depot.

Another link for RPi scripts:

Like the 4b dual monitors support.  Comes in handy for digital modes and such.


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Literally 5 minutes ago dropped KM4ACK a question about mumble server on one of his videos. My goal will be to use mumble for voice and the ft-891 controlled by the pi remotely. Fan, and extra heat sinks on the usb ports.

Here's the case I made for my dmr pi.

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Great to have another 3D printer and RPi person in the group.
Top photo shows the orange stand printed for my CS108G+ and ham shack buddy.  He was around a 18.5 hour print.  My 3B+ runs hot, so printed a case that could accept a cooling fan.

Check out KM4ACK on youtube..  Has some good videos and scripts for loading just about any ham program on your RPi.

Only issue I've found is that it can't run netlogger.  No version available for RPi ARM processor.


On Mon, May 11, 2020 at 7:22 PM, Randon Loeb
Are there particular gotchas in cases for ham-related pis? I don't plan on any hats, idea will be just flrig 
to control ft-891 and audio via usb sound dongle, maybe usb gps for time. 

Other than the usual ventilation for these hot-running pis, anything else I'll wish I had planned for? Only 
other thing I can think of is maybe to have the case hold the buck converter for the 12v->5v.

I will 3d print it myself, have done so for a handful of 3b+s for various uses, though could buy if price is not ridiculous.

Randy KN4YRM

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