Re: Advice for my "remote" mobile rig control? #flrig

Chuck M

Also look at March 2020 QST issue on using pi with no machine software.  Worked with psk31 and other Digi modes.  Haven't got sound working yet for phone contacts.

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We get a lot of thunderstorms here in South Florida, so my idea/plan is to remotely operate my mobile HF (in the car in my driveway) from a room in the house whenever the forecast is in doubt. Basically no lightning-in-the-shack risk this way. Rechargeable battery, car not running.

I'm thinking I can put a rpi in the car and control either my ft-891 or preferably ic-7100 with flrig by vnc/rdp'ing into the pi over wifi. 

The depth of my familiarity with flrig is just using it from my windows laptop to control the ft-891 but still doing phone & cw tx/rx the "old fashioned way" directly with the mic or keyer.

Anybody done anything like this? Are there features of flrig I can leverage for phone or cw modes with the setup above I've described? Or should I look at flrig as a way to control the radio itself, but handle phone and cw input/output some other way? 

I know there are commercial "remote rig" solutions, but I'd rather homebrew something on the cheap and unsophisticated given what I need it for, i.e. just to be able to not lose out on weekend radio fun due to thunderstorms, etc.

Thanks & 73
Randy KN4YRM

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