Re: CAT Control Options

Craig Davidson

If you ever want to control your Icom radio via the ci-v port using a
Raspberry Pi running your own linux scripts, I have figured out how to
turn on the Pi serial port (header pins 8 and 10) and send ascii/hex
data to the radio. The ci-v bus is the same as the old com port
(RS232) except the voltage levels are 5 volts and ground. I would be
happy to share my scripts and what I have learned about the interface.
One of the GPIO pins could be used for PTT on the radio.

Here are some notes about turning on the serial port on the Raspberry Pi.

Here is a diagram of my interface to a chinese transceiver board.
Similar wiring could interface to an Icom radio.

On 4/21/20, Ed Bloom, KD9FRQ wrote:
I look forward to learning what you learn on making the link from the Pi
to the 718.

On 4/20/2020 10:15 PM, Bill Lamm wrote:
I have a Icom 718 and a ci-v cable.. I am setting up raspi4 following
KM4ACK's wonderful work..
Tge CI-V cable works but doesn't control PTT.. I am using Gordon
Gibby's digital interface kit to isolate raspi4 and radio. That will
require a sound card dongle and ?USB? connection to the ACC jack on
the rear.

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