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On Mon, Apr 20, 2020 at 12:44 PM Ed Bloom, KD9FRQ via <> wrote:

I know the FT-450 does and I have a plain serial to serial cable on it now to my big PC.

So you are saying that as along as I order a CAT-62 equivalent, I should be able to plug
it into a USB port on the Pi and be good to go (once all the settings are in place?

That is what I have done.  I use this one  

I just don't want to spend the money on a cable someone else has already tried and found
to be lacking in functionality.

In the example of Jason, KM4ACK, his rig had a direct USB port so he does not need anything
special just a USB-A to USB-B.

I think the FT-897 will be the same serial port as the FT-450. I will need to check as it has
been boxed in the Go Case for a while.  the ICOM 718 is is new enough to me that I have not
fully reached the point yet.

I don't have an IC-718 but it looks like it takes a standard Icom style CI-V cable.

Here is the Icom version I have -

 I like these versions because they use FTDI USB to serial chips which are better supported.  You may find lower cost options.  For Linux, FTDI may not be as important.

There are a lot of counterfeit Prolific chips, which may not work with Windows. 

John D. Hays
Kingston, WA


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