Re: Direwolf and GPS problem.

Jon Adams

Since this is a very old thread, I hope no one minds me kinda hijacking it a little! %)

I have an RPi3B running direwolf, callsign N7UV-3 (was N7UV-2 until about 30 min ago, just changed to make sure I was configuring the right configuration file). It has a serial GPS wired directly to the 40-pin header, and the 1pps signal goes to GPIO pin 25. gpsd and ntpq report all is good with the gps, and that I have proper 1pps signal from the gps. The radio connected is a baofeng UV5. It's currently set up as a tracker (although it's not going anywhere), an igate, and a WIDE1-1 digi. I set it up maybe 6 mo ago, and it was working fine (AFAIK) back then.

I run cgps -s and get valid position and time, and it updates at the top of every second. 3D diff fix. I run ntpq - p and the top line is oPPS(0)  .PPS. 0 l 15 16 377 0.000 0.008 0.002 which indicates that it's behaving well.

Out of the shoebox it came this last weekend, and pressed into service as an igate since my truck N7UV-9 has a new ADS Tracker 4 driving a 5-watt Friendcom radio. Since the truck at the apartment is deep inside the parking garage, it cannot hit the nearest digi about 25 miles away. So the purpose for digging this direwolf box out of storage, to allow the truck mobile to report in via the direwolf box.

All good, so far. The truck mobile transmits its position packet, the direwolf RPi3 decodes it just fine, and forwards it to the APRS server network. It also digipeats it just fine. I have a Yaesu FD-2D N7UV-1, which when it has a valid gps position, transmits a position packet; the direwolf/RPi3 digis that just fine as well as forwarding it via the igate function. There's a ham N7NMD about 1/2 mile away who has both a mobile and a fixed base setup - my direwolf/RPi3 handles that just fine.

Here's the issue - the direwolf/RPi3 does not seem to be able to show up on the map as an icon, or in any traceable way. I made sure I was configuring the right direwolf.conf file by changing the SSID and that showed up on the local RPi3 video display. My truck mobile and Yaesu portable show up just fine on, and within a few dozen meters of one another. The direwolf/RPi3 shows up with valid position on my Yaesu FT-2D display. 

Here's some packets from showing that the N7UV-9 mobile is going through the N7UV-3 igate:
2020-04-14 22:39:40 CDT: N7UV-9>APOT40,WIDE1-1,WIDE2-1,qAO,N7UV-3:!3329.56N/11204.37Wk144/000/A=001032Sad Tracker4
2020-04-14 22:40:40 CDT: N7UV-9>APOT40,WIDE1-1,WIDE2-1,qAO,N7UV-3:!3329.56N/11204.37Wk144/000/A=001033Sad Tracker4
2020-04-14 22:41:40 CDT: N7UV-9>APOT40,WIDE1-1,WIDE2-1,qAO,N7UV-3:!3329.56N/11204.37Wk144/000/A=001035Sad Tracker4

Here's some packets from the Yaesu handheld N7UV-1:
2020-04-14 22:43:28 CDT: N7UV-1>3S2YUU,qAO,N7UV-3:`(\Bl!B[/`"7`}Jon's portable test lab_(
2020-04-14 22:43:59 CDT: N7UV-1>3S2YUU,qAO,N7UV-3:`(\Bl!;[/`"7`}_(
2020-04-14 22:44:29 CDT: N7UV-1>3S2YUU,qAO,N7UV-3:`(\Al!;[/`"7`}_(

Both show N7UV-3 as the intermediary.

Live set up direwolf so that there's both a TBEACON and a PBEACON, just in case. 



which is pretty much the default setting in direwolf. 

Importantly, I also (since TBEACON wasn't appearing to do what I needed) set up PBEACON as follows

PBEACON delay=1 every=1 overlay=S symbol="digi" lat=33.49237 long=-112.07292 power=5 height=20 gain=0 comment="fill-in" via=WIDE1-1,WIDE2-1

which is more or less exactly what direwolf had coded in there, except way more often.

Still, no position, status, or anything packet. 

If I do a search on for N7UV-3, the last time the service saw it was last August, which was probably about the last time I was screwing around with it before now.

Any ideas? I'm pretty certain it's something obvious and dumb, and I forgot something since I last played with direwolf, but nothing looks out of whack.

Cheers and 73 - Jon N7UV

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