Re: No help? Wireless D-LINK DWA-131


There are several approaches including a chroot environment and a virtual machine under Qemu.

You can also use cross compile tool chains with gcc.  Use Google to find tutorials.

John D. Hays
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On Mon, Sep 10, 2012 at 2:58 PM, Vincent <n2ohh@...> wrote:

John D. Hays K7VE wrote:
> Untarring (tar is the Unix/Linux equivalent of a zip file) -- is not
> what's going to trip up folks. This file contains source code to
> compile, firmware to put in the right place in the file system,
> activating services, and so forth.
> Remember, the Pi is not a "consumer" desktop that comes with
> everything already built and integrated, so users would be well
> advised to use the verified peripherals list and pick what you need
> from there, unless you are prepared to put in the time to understand
> building things from source, editing, debugging, etc.
Is there a way to cross-compile it in Ubuntu or other distro? I wouldn't
expect the Pi to come with the libs etc. needed. Besides which it would
go much faster on a laptop or desktop. I've heard there is but don't
remember where.


Vincent Tompkins

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