Re: Virtual Audio connection between CubicSDR and Fldigi

Marty Hartwell


I expect the first question, is there a Virtual Audio Cable program available in the Raspberry


Then how to set it up would more then likely somewhat like the Windows version you usually


Marty kd8bj

On 4/12/20 6:35 AM, Walter wrote:
Hello Hams,

I have a Pi4B running Fldigi and CubicSDR (SDRPLay RSP1A).  I have yet to figure out how to connect that Audio from the CubicSDR to the Fldigi.

On my Windows PC I use a Virtual Audio Cable.  How does one set up a type of Virtual Audio Cable in the Pi4B to connect these two Software.

Any help would be greatly appreciated


73 W9KJO, Walter

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Walter Huyck

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