Re: Setting up a Raspberry PI RMS Gateway using LinBPQ

chuck gelm <rpi4ham@...>

On 10/04/2020 17:55, Bjorn Pehrson wrote:
I am in the process of setting up an RMS gateway following the instruction at

Is there a later version of this instruction including ardop as a radio protocol?

On 4/10/20 2:29 PM, John Wiseman wrote:
Follow the link from the top left of that page to the BPQ32 documentation then the ARDOP page.

John et alia:

 Thanks for your code these many decades.
I ran BPQcode with AA4RE PBBS from ~1989-2000.

 I have lost interest in 1200 packet and have been running HSMM with AREDN firmware.
I just cannot get excited about 1200 baud again.
I do enjoy my 30-80 Mbps 3 county intraLAN links.

 I was able to get PAT to work with Telnet (over local HSMM network) and exchanged email with a ham in the next county.
I got ARDOP configured with PAT and sent email via a 40 meter gateway in Iowa. (I am in Ohio.)
Kewel, but it was much effort and a steep learning curve to simply send text via email. :-|

 So, can I (how do I) use ARDOP (on HF) with LinBPQ?

 My LinBPQ (Raspberry Pi) is attached to my node which is linked into our 3 county HSMM network.

 I read ""
and found no mention of configuring ARDOP.  :-|

I found Packet, Robust Packet, proprietary (PACTOR, and SCS hardware) mentioned. :-(

Hints, please, on how to attach an ARDOP modem to my LinBPQ node.

Regards, Chuck

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