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Larry Greenwald

The Applications menu in the Tool Bar. (raspberry icon in the upper left corner of your screen)


On 3/28/20 11:37 AM, James Hertel wrote:


You say "From the application menu open Accessories"  which program are you in via the Pi? for you to get the drop down menu's?

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Jim n6kmr

On 3/28/2020 8:14 AM, Franco_Radio via Groups.Io wrote:

Hi, if you want to make a picture without problems you have to do it directly from the raspberry.

Insert the card in a card adapter> Usb and connect the usb

From the application menu open Accessories and then SD copier

Then follow the directions

The new card is ready


Franco IW1PSC


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Inviato: sabato 28 marzo 2020 16:01
Oggetto: [RaspberryPi-4-HamRadio] Back Pi Image and Clone SD Card


I have used Win32DiskImager I dont know how may times to backup and clone images.

But today I spent an hour trying to get it to backup my image so I could rewrite it to a larger SD card and all I get is "There is not enough room on the drive"  It is the whole hard drive in my PC, massive volume.  I am trying to write to am image I am creating on the hard Drive of my Windows 10 PC.  That is the probelm Windows 10; boy i hate windows 10.

I have done this so many times I can count them, but it is not working today.

Can anyone tell me how to get this to work.  Again I am trying to write the image from my SD card to my harddrive to backup the image.

Thanks for any help in advance

73 W9KJO

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Walter Huyck

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