Re: No help? Wireless D-LINK DWA-131

Vincent <n2ohh@...>

John D. Hays K7VE wrote:

Untarring (tar is the Unix/Linux equivalent of a zip file) -- is not what's going to trip up folks. This file contains source code to compile, firmware to put in the right place in the file system, activating services, and so forth.

Remember, the Pi is not a "consumer" desktop that comes with everything already built and integrated, so users would be well advised to use the verified peripherals list and pick what you need from there, unless you are prepared to put in the time to understand building things from source, editing, debugging, etc.
Is there a way to cross-compile it in Ubuntu or other distro? I wouldn't expect the Pi to come with the libs etc. needed. Besides which it would go much faster on a laptop or desktop. I've heard there is but don't remember where.


Vincent Tompkins

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