Re: Looking for a good power supply that will handle a load

chuck gelm

On 3/22/20 2:46 PM, Mark Griffith via Groups.Io wrote:
Eh, I've been using the same PNC 32GB Class 10 SD card for more than 4 years. This card started life on an old Pi 2, then to a Pi 3 and now to a Pi 4. I have re-imaged it many times, installed and uninstalled many many software packages on it, and done all the PiGate development work on this same card with absolutely zero problems.  It sits here sending and receiving email messages all day and night, and is always available when I try to login. Total reliability for more then 4 years.

One day, just like a hard disk, it will fail.  But I have backups.

I'd say, from my experience, don't waste your money on "premiere" cards.  Just make sure it is a Class 10 card.

My 2 cents.

Hijacked topic.

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