Re: Pi 4 and ic-7300

chuck gelm

On 2/28/20 2:38 PM, John Prince wrote:
Hoping I can get some help here. For some reason I can no longer get Pi 4 to load the drivers for the ic-7300. I am not sure what happened that it should stop. I have even reinstalled the image but no luck. I am hoping someone might have some ideas. Thanks in advance.
Dear VE5JRP:

 I installed WSJT-X from repositories using
apt-get install wsjtx -y
, early last November.
Beyond that, I do not recall ever loading any drivers.

 I simply followed my nose. Choose the USB Codec and, bingo, it worked.

 I have installed FLdigi, FLrig, pat with telnet and ardop.
Getting pat to send/receive email via Winlink was crazy stupid, but
with an enormous amount of assistance from a local ham, it works.


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