Re: Cannot currently show the desktop

Art Olson

I had the same problem but found a fix on line

Open a terminal session via ssh
Enter - sudo raspi-config
Select A7 Advance Options
Select A8 GL Driver
Select G1 - legacy
Select ok

Next step
Select A7 Advance Options
Select A5 Resolution
Select any resolution other than default (whatever fits your computer
monitor screen resolution
Select ok
Tab to Finish

VNC should work now


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On 2/25/20 12:42 PM, Diane Brzeski wrote:
I have loaded a few sd cards with the KM4ACK pi build and some with
the W3DJS image. I set them all up using an ethernet connection and an
hdmi connection. All goes well. I VNC into them and I can see the
desktop on my computer or tablet. I shut down with no problems. When I
disconnect the hdmi as well as the ethernet and try to just connect
through VNC, I see the message "cannot currently show the desktop".
What would be the display resolution that I need? I have tried a few
different resolutions and when hdmi is plugged in my tablet sees the
desktop. Without hdmi plugged in, no desktop. I know VNC is connecting
to the pi but not able to display the desktop. Is there a different
way to set screen resolutions other than from the configuration menu?
Any suggestions, please???
 I have the same issue.
I leave a monitor connected and powered.

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