Re: W3DJS Raspberry Pi Ham Radio Image v2.0 Released

Ray Wells

 As you've found out, 'systemctl stop gpsd.service' only stops the service until the next boot.

To disable it completely, run your command and then run 'systemctl disable gpsd.service' and it won't restart at boot.

If you change your mind and want the service again run 'systemctl enable gpsd.service' optionally followed by 'systemctl start gpsd.service' if you want it to start prior to a reboot.

Being system commands, sudo is required, or be logged on as root.


Ray vk2tv

On 16/2/20 4:16 pm, tlrobinson@... wrote:
I found that gpsd was interfering with the IC-7100. Running `systemctl stop gpsd.service` fixes it until reboot. Not sure how to permanently disable it or prevent gpsd from trying to use `/dev/ttyUSB0`

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