New behavior -- WSJTX crashing

Jonathan Scherch

Looking for any ideas / thoughts:

I am running KM4ACK's Pi Build 2 on my 3b+ to my 7300, controlled by FLrig (using proper Silicon Lab port selected at 9600). Same config as previous build which worked fine.  

Now, with successful launch of FLrig, I launch WSJTX (2.1.0), with codec properly selected, and waterfall action / signals decoding, I select enable transmit and CRASH.  Also, when I select another band / freq, it CRASHES.

I've tried selecting other codec, I've tried upping my GPU memory allocation. I've tried running straight to 7300 with no FLrig control (does not seem happy with ttyUSB0). Could be a clue?

No hardware changes. USB cable is same.

Resting memory use is 229mb +/- of 1gb. 338mb with WSJT running. Could it be that I am now bumping into the limits of the 3b+ and need to upgrade to the Pi 4b?

Thanks for any thoughts.

73. de KK7PW

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