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Brian Webster

I don't have one Dan but I would be very interested to hear about this project and how you are interconnecting the systems and what services you may be offering over the AREDN mesh from the packet side. I am currently looking at a project doing something similar.

Brian N2KGC

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Hello all,
I’m looking for someone that has a TNC2PI preferable still as a kit that you have decided not to build. I am finishing a project connecting packet radio and AREDN mesh for our county. We have 60+ packet stations in strategic positions that will remain and we are building a AREDN Mesh Network to tie into SOCAL network. I have a raspberry pi with two TNC2PIs and a MikroTik 5ghz dish and a second dish and hAP ac lite and I was fortunate enough that Doug had a kit and sold me. So I need one more to complete the project


Dan Dicke Electric
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