Re: Help with FLrig / 7300 USB-D issue

chuck gelm <rpi4ham@...>

On 1/31/20 1:32 PM, Jonathan Scherch wrote:
Hello from Seattle.  I recently installed the new build from KM4ACK. Install completed. GPS functional. All systems go . . . except . . . I am running my IC7300 with FLrig, and when I launch JS8 or WSJT, the rig will not go into USB-D mode. And, FLrig will not accept a manual selection. So, anyone have an clues as to what might be sideways? de KK7PW

 I do not use flrig when using WSJTX.
WSJTX will control the IC-7300 without FLrig.
I am not familiar with JS8.


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