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Mat Murdock

I personally haven't used the I2C interface between the PI and the TNC.  I use the serial interface which works with Mark's excellent PiGate software with no additional configuration.  I have a couple TNC-X's and personally have found this TNC to work right out of the box with no additional configuration at 1200 baud.

Being an open source project, I think it would be cool to get a few more people hacking on the software.  The most I have done is to get one of the LED's to stay on to indicate power and to have it cycle through all the LEDs when it is initially plugged in so I know they are working.  ;)


On Sun, Feb 2, 2020 at 9:43 PM David Ranch <rpi4hamradio-groupsio@...> wrote:

Hello Matt,

This is great news!  Curious, did you ever benchmark this new TNC design for decodes compared to the original TNC-Pi?   Any better or worse numbers?

To the other user's concern, is it I2C compatible to the TNC-Pi?


On 02/02/2020 08:07 PM, Mat Murdock wrote:
Our Club has been selling the original design of the TNC-Pi9k6 to club members for a couple of a couple of years now.  With Coastal ChipWorks (sad) closing up shop and to help with logistics we have setup an online shop for the group.  We use the profits to fund the club instead of dues.

Anyway, here is the shop.


Mat Murdock

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