Re: Now that coastal Chipworks is gone

David Ranch

Hey Mark,

All the TNC-Pi2 kits and completed boards are gone for good.  Unless you can find someone who is willing to sell you two of theirs, they are no longer available.  One of the nail in the coffin issues was the PIC chip that was programmed with the KISS software is no longer available, so this prevents anyone else from taking up where John left off.

Yes.. it's sad to see the TNC-Pi go and I imagine the new TNC-9k6 version too!  Sometimes some hacks could have been done like putting a modern surface mount PIC chip on a carrier board to make it compatible with the legacy thru-pin chip style but maybe it wasn't worth it.  The new TARPN board looks like it could be very impressive but time will tell on it's decode rates.  I also Dana K6JQ has an impressive TNC project too with decodes comparable to Direwolf... if we could all just convince him to release it!

I have experimented with Direwolf, and while it is easy to get configured, and it does work pretty well, I have found it to be unreliable and needs to be restarted or the Raspberry Pi rebooted frequently or Direwolf will just hang.  Perhaps there is more testing I can do to figure this out, but for now I'm gonna wait and see what happens with the new TNC-Pi.

Direwolf is extremely impressive on it's decode rates and I've personally found it VERY reliable.  My APRS IGate has been running for 112 days and has decoded 1.74M APRS packets so far!  Even on the rare situation of a hang, Direwolf can be made to auto-restart as well as have the entire Raspberry Pi restart if needed.  The overall solution can be made to be rock solid.


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