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Mark Griffith

All the TNC-Pi2 kits and completed boards are gone for good.  Unless you can find someone who is willing to sell you two of theirs, they are no longer available.  One of the nail in the coffin issues was the PIC chip that was programmed with the KISS software is no longer available, so this prevents anyone else from taking up where John left off.

However, work is being done to have MFJ start building and selling them, but in a slightly different format.  One of the last things John Hansen did was redesign the board to use newer chips and make them all surface mounted.  This was to make is easier to automate manufacture.

This means, no more kits.  *IF* MFJ decides to go with this, they will all be assembled and tested.  I say *IF* because John has submitted his design to MFJ but they have not yet said if they will take up building the boards.

I'm hopeful that they will start soon.  Until then, all we can do is wait.

I have experimented with Direwolf, and while it is easy to get configured, and it does work pretty well, I have found it to be unreliable and needs to be restarted or the Raspberry Pi rebooted frequently or Direwolf will just hang.  Perhaps there is more testing I can do to figure this out, but for now I'm gonna wait and see what happens with the new TNC-Pi.


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Anyone have any info on tnc pi kits now that John at Coastal Chipworks has folded?  I need two more for a project I’m doing to integrate our current county emcomm packet network through mesh net


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