Re: Still having a problem, please help

Mark Griffith

My suggestion is start off with a brand new copy of the Raspbian Buster download.  This is much easier than trying to fix something that is already busted.

Don't do the NOOBS stuff.  Download whatever one of the choices you want.  Or download them all and try the different versions to see what you like.

Copy it to a CLASS 10 SD card of at least 8GB.  Don't scrimp on the card.  A class 10 will give you years of use.  If you want to use a bigger SD card, like a 32 or 64GB, this is the time to do that.  Don't worry that the image is much smaller than the SD card size.

Connect a good HDMI monitor or TV with an HDMI input, and connect a USB keyboard and mouse.  A wireless USB keyboard/mouse combo works good.

Now, not before this, but now, power it on.  Then follow the initial setup screens and you will be all set.

If you want ham apps on there, install them one at a time.  It's easy to do.


On Tuesday, January 28, 2020, 12:28:12 PM CST, KK4JOW@... <kk4jow@...> wrote:

Ok, I have it running. It seems that the TV I was using for a monitor wasn't connecting so I hooked it to another tv and it's working. I couldn't get my wireless mouse or keyboard to work so I set up a VNC connection and got on with no problem. I am now trying to set up wifi and it tells me it can't connect to wpa supplicant. Its not remembering my Wifi Country setting. Any suggestions?

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