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   One thing unstated which may be obvious or not…

Typically the SDcard is the ONLY file system device on the Raspberry PI.  
The Raspberry PI boots from the SDcard and keeps files on the card.  When the card is unplugged the Raspberry PI would have no device to boot from.  It doesn’t copy data from the SDcard to someplace else.  The SDcard is it.  

So… if you put Raspbian OS on the card and boot the PI from it, and then swap to another SDcard which does not have Raspbian, the Raspberry PI will completely forget about Raspbian OS.  The Raspberry PI without the SDcard is only part of a computer. 
Consider that the SDcard has the same function as a Hard disk in a desktop PC.  

Floppy disk/transport function is provided by putting a USB flash drive into one of the USB ports. 
I suspect it is possible to plug in a SDcard reader/writer into USB to give you access to a 2nd card.  I’ve never heard of anybody doing that though. 

What I do is boot Raspbian and then contact my desktop computer or laptop over the WiFi or Ethernet interfaces.  It’s easy to use SFTP file transfer to and from the Raspberry PI.  SFTP server is built into Raspbian and other Linux OSs.  
Ask about SFTP for more info if you need it.  It’s pretty easy. 


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So, Im brand new at Raspberry Pi. I have been trying to install the W3 DJS on my new Pi. I've flashed a 32gb sd card with the img file and I get no response from the Pi.
Since my Pi has never been initialized, can I install the Raspbian Blaster to see if that starts it up or do I have to start with the W3DJS img.
I guess what I'm asking is that if you install one operating system can you pull that card and put a different sd card in?
Again, I'm brand new at this so please excuse my ignorance.

The SD card gets 'initialized' when 1st booted.
Actually, it can get re-partitioned.

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