Re: Still having a problem, please help

chuck gelm

On 1/28/20 10:48 AM, kk4jow@... wrote:
So, Im brand new at Raspberry Pi. I have been trying to install the W3 DJS on my new Pi. I've flashed a 32gb sd card with the img file and I get no response from the Pi.
Since my Pi has never been initialized, can I install the Raspbian Blaster to see if that starts it up or do I have to start with the W3DJS img.
I guess what I'm asking is that if you install one operating system can you pull that card and put a different sd card in?
Again, I'm brand new at this so please excuse my ignorance.

You are excused.
Please detail how you 'flashed' your SD card so that we have a clue that you actually put the 'image' on the card and not just the file.
I do not think that there is a 'initialize' regarding a RPi.
The operating system image is 'installed/flashed/burned,dd'ed but not copied' on the SD card, then SD card is inserted into the RPi, then power is applied to the RPi.
I think you mean Raspbian Buster, not Blaster.
The 'NOOBS' image offers several options, but yes, you can start with any of Raspbian Buster, NOOBS, or the W3DJS images.
I have many SD cards. Many with a distinct mission when booted.
I hope this helps,

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