Re: New Pi owner

Ray Cadmus

I believe that noobs will give you the option of installing the latest raspian desktop version.  The W3DJS image contains the operating system already so just putting that image on an sd card will get you going there.  I'm including a quote from a W3DJS post in case you were not aware of this:

"The image will require a 32GB or larger SD or micro SD card to install. This image uses the default password for "pi" which is "raspberry". Please change it upon first launch, as the SSH server is enabled and this would be a security risk.

One more caveat: This image comes pre-installed to operate as a wireless Hotspot for field operations. If you are using this at home, and don't want to operate as a Hotspot, then open a Terminal on the Pi and type in "KillHotspot" (without the quotes) and hit return. Networking will then operate normally."


Ray  W9EUM

On Sun, Jan 26, 2020 at 10:29 PM <kk4jow@...> wrote:
Hi, I just received my new Pi 4 and assembled it in its case. It came with a Noobs card, but I want to create my own card with Raspbian plus desktop.
I also want to load W3DJS 2.0. Can I load all that on on a sd card and then initialize my Pi with all that on the card? I'm sure this is all elementary with y'all but I am brand new at this and would appreciate any help. I have also read about creating an SSH file. Help, please!!!

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