Re: My Mobile APRS (MoPi No Longer Dead)

Michael WA7SKG

That is the "Official" Raspberry Pi touchscreen. I don't really have anything to compare it to, but it serves the purpose.

Michael WA7SKG

Adam P.N. Leask wrote on 1/20/20 5:01 PM:

I really like your center console set up in your truck!    What 7" touch screen do you use, and are you happy with it?
Adam P.N. Leask, KC7NKP
On Mon, Jan 20, 2020 at 4:36 PM Michael WA7SKG < <>> wrote:
In case anyone is interested in this project, here is my mobile APRS
headend so far. Almost ready for final installation in the truck.
The front view is as I will see it from the driver's seat. The little
white pushbutton at the top is to turn the RPi on and off via the MoPi
board. (Black button use is TBD.) The little wireless keyboard is for
occasional data entry and will normally be stored.
The rear views show the arrangement of the boards. On the bottom is the
Raspberry Pi 3B+. On top of that is the TNC-Pi. Topping it off is the
MoPi 2 power board. There is the 12V cable that goes down to the power
distribution block with PowerPoles. The multi-colored jumpers provide
power from the GPIO pins to the 7" touchscreen. The short jumper to the
pushbutton is the start-up/shut-down switch. Kind of kludgy for now. I
hope to neaten it up some later.
The case is a SmartiPi Touch. The base shown in the pictures was just
for use on the bench. The VESA mount shown to the left of the Pi stack
mounts the whole works in the truck. Finally, how it will look in the
truck. This picture was taken in the middle of the Phase III upgrade
before the rest of the equipment was installed.
I hope you find this interesting.
Michael WA7SKG
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