Re: MoPi 2 Dead?

Michael WA7SKG

Terry and Les,

In this application, as mentioned in the original post and title, I am using the MoPi 2 board along with the TNC-Pi hat. The MoPi board takes two inputs from 7-35 volts to provide a regulated 5 volts to the RPi and accessories. The MoPi board also can take a charger input to charge batteries connected to one or both inputs. There is an option to switch a relay for higher current requirements. Also, it has a pushbutton for start-up and shut-down. It has battery monitoring and logging and will automatically perform a clean shutdown of the RPi in the event of low voltage. A very handy accessory for mobile or tactical environments.

I hope that explains it for you.

Michael WA7SKG

Terry L. Morris wrote on 1/20/20 8:34 AM:

Les, you are correct. Pi's should be powered with 5V at least 2.4 amps not 12V.

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