Re: MoPi 2 Dead?

Michael WA7SKG

I held the start button multiple times for 2-5 or so seconds. After leaving it for a while, it just started working. I think I have the "Safe Discharge" set for 10 volts. The power supply puts out a pretty steady 13.6V.

I bought the extended header from Adafruit. All this is mounted in a SmartiPi Touch case with the 7" touch screen. The SMartiPi case has a hold-down over the RPi to secure it and hats fasten to the hold-down. For everything to fit properly, I put the TNC-Pi on first, then the extended header and the MoPi board. The SmartiPi case has a little LEGO socket on the top, so I just put a small LEGO piece on there and drilled holes for a couple push buttons. One of those goes to the startup/shutdown button.

I ran jumpers from the 7" touch screen to the header pins on the MoPi board to power the monitor. Seems to work well.

Michael WA7SKG

Daniel Holmes wrote on 1/20/20 6:26 AM:

The MoPi runs on 12V (well a wider range, but this is what we are using it for) and supplies 5V to the Pi.
For startup, how long did you hold in the power button? I think it needs 2-3 seconds before it powers up the Pi. And what’s the “safe discharge” setting in the library? Thirdly, did you solder a socket to the MoPi, or just stick it onto the GPIO board of the Pi? I haven’t had good luck just sticking it on, I needed to buy a header.
. Please pardon any mispelings or errors.

On Jan 20, 2020, at 5:52 AM, Les Keegan via Groups.Io <> wrote:

I thought Pi's only need 5 volts to run not 12. Is that right?

Les Keegan

On Sunday, January 19, 2020, 11:27:18 PM EST, Michael WA7SKG <> wrote:

After sitting for a few hours, tried again and it come right up. I hope
this is not a continued reliability issue.

Michael WA7SKG

Michael WA7SKG wrote on 1/19/20 6:45 PM:
I am putting together a mobile APRS station. I have an RPi3B+, a
and a MoPi 2 power board all mounted in a SmartiPi Touch case on a 7"
monitor. I put it all together the other day, plugged it into my 12V
power supply and fired it up. Everything ran great. I shut everything
off and let it sit for a couple days. When I plugged it in today, I get
nothing. There are several LEDs on the MoPi 2 board that are
supposed to
indicate when power is connected. They worked fine the other day,
nothing now. I checked power to the board and voltage is proper on the
board input connectors. I removed the board for the RPi and plugged it
in again. From the basic schematic in the manual, it looks like the
supply LEDs should light as soon as 12V is applied, regardless of other
configuration. I can find no kind of troubleshooting information on

Has anybody set up one of these? Any ideas? I can't find much on the
of documentation other than a basic installation guide.

It would be very annoying to have this thing fail on the second
power up.

tnx es 73,
Michael WA7SKG

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