Re: MoPi 2 Dead?

Daniel Holmes

The MoPi runs on 12V (well a wider range, but this is what we are using it for) and supplies 5V to the Pi.

For startup, how long did you hold in the power button? I think it needs 2-3 seconds before it powers up the Pi. And what’s the “safe discharge” setting in the library? Thirdly, did you solder a socket to the MoPi, or just stick it onto the GPIO board of the Pi? I haven’t had good luck just sticking it on, I needed to buy a header. 


. Please pardon any mispelings or errors.

On Jan 20, 2020, at 5:52 AM, Les Keegan via Groups.Io <l_keegan@...> wrote:

I thought Pi's only need 5 volts to run not 12. Is that right?

Les Keegan

On Sunday, January 19, 2020, 11:27:18 PM EST, Michael WA7SKG <wa7skg@...> wrote:

After sitting for a few hours, tried again and it come right up. I hope
this is not a continued reliability issue.

Michael WA7SKG

Michael WA7SKG wrote on 1/19/20 6:45 PM:
> I am putting together a mobile APRS station. I have an RPi3B+, a TNC-Pi,
> and a MoPi 2 power board all mounted in a SmartiPi Touch case on a 7"
> monitor. I put it all together the other day, plugged it into my 12V
> power supply and fired it up. Everything ran great. I shut everything
> off and let it sit for a couple days. When I plugged it in today, I get
> nothing. There are several LEDs on the MoPi 2 board that are supposed to
> indicate when power is connected. They worked fine the other day,
> nothing now. I checked power to the board and voltage is proper on the
> board input connectors. I removed the board for the RPi and plugged it
> in again. From the basic schematic in the manual, it looks like the
> supply LEDs should light as soon as 12V is applied, regardless of other
> configuration. I can find no kind of troubleshooting information on this.
> Has anybody set up one of these? Any ideas? I can't find much on the way
> of documentation other than a basic installation guide.
> It would be very annoying to have this thing fail on the second power up.
> tnx es 73,
> Michael WA7SKG

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